Thursday, 21 January 2010

Euro Gypo.

My fascination with Gypsies; their lifestyle, their appearance and their general aura.

Not the most desirable people in the world yet a culture that never fails to fixate me. They have always intrigued me, visiting foreign countries with my family they are always hanging off street corner or parked up in their old school van that sleeps about 8 of them.

Summer 2007 some friends and I went to Benicassim Festival in Spain, known for its infamous ‘Gypsy Mile’ – walking to the festival arena from benicamp where old dust beaten tracks, along the sides of the track gypsies gathered to flog their latest inventions consisting of narcotics, their cultural meat delicacy (I don’t even want to know what this consisted of), knock off ciggies and handmade jewellery.

As thousands of partygoers headed down the track they were hounded by them, watching your back and more importantly your possessions was imperative.

As I observed from the beach one day they tend to hang around in gangs, I always saw more boys than girls, they were always smoking green, heavily tattooed and pierced, olive skinned and often very thin. This still doesn’t argue in favour of my fascination with them but as they sat there not bothered by anyone or anything, their extremely close bond that they have with each other and not a worry in the world, I would trade (for a year).

They are harmless unless provoked, irritated or made fun of, which is I suppose is the same as your average Manc.

Gypsies are not highly regarded people in society, usually preferred to be known as ‘travellers’, they don’t pay taxes, are generally poorly educated and have a notorious reputation for stealing, conning and by-passing the law.

When it comes to fashion it appears that they have influenced many designers collections, these three pictures clearly show the influence straight off the catwalks. This is just the glamorized gypsy.

Many people frown upon gypsies but as one of the oldest cultures in the world they do have rights, and remain to keep their tradition alive.

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