Thursday, 24 June 2010

In the SUMMER time when the weather is high.

Animal prints, Moroccan/African themed and DENIM.

Very achievable style, provided nicely by my favorite high-street stores such as Topshop, Zara and H&M. My ideal wardrobe would exist full of inspiration from different cultures; the rich colorful fabrics from India combined with unusual African patterns, London’s great vintage finds and edgy, quirky items from South America.

Animal Prints are risky,they have to be worn very carefully or there is a small chance you can look like A) A Cougar or B) A slut. A darker leopard print conveys a more sophisticated look over the shiny, lighter print. Zebra is tricky to wear but can look great with the correct accessories. I find with animal prints that they can be pulled off as long as you wear the item/outfit, it doesn’t wear you.

 Above Dolce and Gabbana rock the denim look with a lot of washed out and vintage style denim seems to be hitting the stores and i am a big fan of acid wash. Always.
DVF demonstrate the Cultural theme with rich fabrics and international inspired patterns, the colours are bright and the material is effortless, finally we have colour.

This summer is all about floating around in your tie-dyed maxi’s, wearing cargo-pants with the crotch closer to your knees, an African inspired head-dress,
A cutesy floral playsuit, keeping it cool in a nautical bikini and reminding yourself that neutrals are flattering. 

Model Jess Hart rocks this style with effortless poise. She manages to set, follow trends and stay edgy.

It’s the season of festivals (Glasto’s round the corner), holidays (bring on the beach) and most importantly fun in the sun!

Come on the British Weather…!

My Tips for this summer; Keep make-up minimal, paint your nails neutral, wear what looks good on you not the model and walk along the beach like no one is watching.  


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