Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Above and Beyond

So i recently discovered and i love.

Flicking through the pages of mixmag last month i spotted this insane bodice/top covered in multi-coloured sequins. The model rocked it and sold it to me, in the corner of the page it said it was from which is a website with a whole load of vintage clothing from evening tops to denim jackets, belts to bikinis. It has this really quirky 70s/80s vibe although stocks clothes 'that chronicle a century of style'.

The most fascinating part of the website is the "DESIGN ARCHIVE". 

Offering original vintage print swatches and specialist vintage garments. The items range from glass beaded 1920's flapper dresses to 1950's tea dresses, vintage denim to over 6,000 fabric swatches. In order to view this incredible collection the showroom is by appointment only and client confidentiality is high. 

i celebrate the wide 'source of vintage knowledge and research' thats put into finding some of the creations there that shape what we wear today. 

i absolutely love the vintage clothes on this website and the shop is definitely worth a visit. 

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  1. Wow, thanks for introducing me to that site, I quite like it. Cute blog too, I'm following you :]


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