Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Dip It.

Earlier this year when Drew Barrymore revived the dip dyed hair, it was back in all sorts of colours. Having originally just planned to grow the existing ash blonde out her hair it became apparent that this hair style was going to make an impression. I suspect she has had the roots darkened to exaggerate the effect and possibly to hide the strawberry blonde hint she had as a child star. 

I have found some pictures of all the dip dyed hair that i love, from pink to purple, blue to green and have been tempted to buy some dye and test it out myself but once again my mind keeps changing and i am not sure if my hair is long enough, i just need to grow a pair and do it. (Turquoise/Blue is my preferred colour) 

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  1. i lovvve the dip-dyed effect.
    i think i adore the fairy floss pink colour the most.
    but blue also looks pretty amazing, especially in that second shot.
    i think you should do it!

    ps. thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog! it made me smile. x.

  2. love this!!!! new follower of your blog! xoxo


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