Sunday, 3 April 2011

Paint fades. Fashion is forever.

The following things are the top of my wish list at the moment... 

A few weeks ago i noticed that office stocked JEFFREY CAMPBELL LITA BOOTS on their website in the most amazing colour. The shoe is a beige suede boot with a tortoiseshell heel, priced at £120 i have fallen in love! I just went to check if they are still in stock and there's only size 8 left. Gutted. Being an american based small family owned fashion forward footwear label it is hard to find a stockist in the UK so i am currently trawling the internet in search of a size 6. I will find you and i will buy you.

Number 2 = Chanel Sunglasses. 
Again in search of them. There are so many websites with Chanel sunglasses on them but i am unsure of the authenticity of such sites and don't want to end up with a pair of fakes. I think a trip to Selfridges is in order. 

Number 3= A white blazer. Topshop have a linen blazer and a silk collared Blazer in a gorgeous ivory colour but i am looking for something with a little difference. Vintage shopping is definitely the best bet to find what i am looking for, my favourite vintage store in Oxford is UNICORN opposite Russell and Bromley just off the high-street. Its run by an elder Parisian Lady with a clear passion for collecting clothing, shoes and accessories from all eras. The down side is that it's a little pricey and i have always had an issue with paying a lot for vintage clothing as the appeal of it to me is that it usually cheaper than the high street although you are collecting an item that has tons of history and is one of a kind. I hope to speak to the owner and perhaps dedicate a post to the shop. 

Yes please to this incredible white blazer from BALMAIN. Rock-chic.

Student loan can you please hurry so i can start ticking off the list. 
Thank you.


  1. Have to find them Sunglasses!!! there playing on my mind!! xxx


    FOUND THEM. They are actually half dark/half see through!! i really want to try them on somewhere!!!

  3. i like those glasses by chanel too.

  4. Your wish list looks very similar to mine!

    You are welcome to join my giveaway.


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