Friday, 27 May 2011

Nail Me?


Nail art is all the rage at the moment and my oh my have i seen the Good, the Bad and the Ugly...
Topshop are selling nail stickers at an extortionate rate (suprised?) I think experiment with brights, pastels, nudes, patterns, block colour and texture. This summer is all about trying something new, so why not something new for your nails?


Here is the New Jessica Runway Spring Collection.

Having a sister in Beauty means that i am always trying to keep myself groomed (or she tells me i'm not!)... She does some great creations with Jessica Nail Varnish's and OPI's new shatter nail varnish.. LOVE!

Can't wait to try NEW..... Jessica Geleration ........Amazing new treatment for natural nails that need longer lasting polish. If you are anywhere near Ruthin ( YES my little home town in Wales) then pop in to see Louise at Vanity Fayre for an appointment or more details!!!

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