Thursday, 16 June 2011

ART is what you can get away with.

Insight51's new ads. Insight is a surf/skate clothing brand born out of the Northern Beaches of Sydney, i have loved them since i was introduced to their 'chilled' attitude to dressing in Boardrider (Abersoch) many moons ago, their swimwear don some creative patterns, their t-shirts sport some cool prints and their clothes although not that easy to come across in the UK are not like any other Surf/Skate brand. With comfort and style in mind for me they rock street style.

They support a lot of artists and get it involved on their website, they also hold exhibitions to showcase some wicked talent. These photo's pretty much sum up Insight's attitude to life.

     Photo's from Insight51's Official Website 

The weather is not looking great at the moment and facebook is constantly updating me with people's status's 'Off on holiday' or numerous holiday photo albums. Please.....
Let the British sun SHINE!

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