Friday, 24 June 2011

Style Icon Status.

I would like you introduce you all to my newly discovered Style Icon Number 3. Maybe i am even pretty late on catching on to this little gem but i have become pretty captivated by her bohemian/boyish/beachy style and yes i am doing some serious style stalking at the moment (some 'fashionistas' are outraged that this gorgeous up and coming actress can be called stylish? Yes i can see how some people think her look might be a little messy but contrived? Really? To me this girl ooozzes effortless flair and rocks her clothes rather than letting them rock her! I love how she mixes patterns and prints and accessorizes subtly but beautifully with hats, hair pieces and long necklaces. I detect a slight Erin Wasson aura to her mixed with let's say Sienna but of course i am impartial to both (not). Here she is.

GILLIAN ZINSER (perhaps better known as Ivy from 90210)
Picture from

Simple but so effective (a favourite).

Plus i know EVERYONE is blogging about the Verace and H&M collaboration. But i just have to say...
I already have plans to be sitting outside the store at 6am. Bring on Leather, Prints and Studs.
This dedication will be my mourning for the late Gianni.

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