Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Light as a FEATHER.

Feathers are my new love. They are a big fashion accessory this summer and i am a big fan. So what did i do? Added to the collection...

After being reccommended to visit the fulham tattoo shop i booked an apt to look more as my dad calls it 'like a noticeboard' and i went ahead with the painful procedure. But the Result is great, i couldn't love it more.
After being in the careful artistic hands of Dave, a Polish tattoo artist at the shop who is a truly talented man. I owe him a massive thank you and fully recommend anyone who wants some ink to give him/the shop a visit.
I already have the next lined up but that's under wraps for now.

I think i might have gone a little feather crazy... I have been buying bags of feathers off ebay to make some jewellery and perhaps do some embellishement on a few items of clothing. I am thinking sleeves/shorts?

These feather earcuffs are an ingenious design by Anni Jyrgenson and not suprisingly pretty much sold out everywhere. They are very 'festival' and not sure how comfortable but never the less very inventive.

Its farewell for a few weeks as i will be in Portugal. But i will be back soon with some pics and more exciting news...


  1. I got a feather tattoo at the same place! Love it! Not very good photos but..

  2. Thanks... i just want to get more and more. follow me!

  3. that's you and your tattoo?? wow. it's stunning.
    i've always wanted to get a tattoo in this exact same spot... just with a dandelion instead. x.
    ps. how are you going in relation to our email convo, lovely?


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