Monday, 5 December 2011

Double Trouble, Vibe Bubble, The Arena.

So stand clear and get ready for the creeper...

Finally i bought them. 

Heavy at first, spacious inside. Currently wearing them in and the softer they get the more my feet are loving them. I have been pondering over getting a pair of creepers for a while. When they started being worn i was in two minds.
After searching the internet, deliberating on what colour, i decided Burgundy.
If i was a few inches smaller Double-sole creepers would have taken my fancy. 
 Here are some other styles that are rocking my world right now. 

Love the Blue Velvet.

I almost did.


The Reaction these shoes receive are often LOVE or HATE. 

-Lesbian (Sensible shoes)
- Punk (even had goth before)

Or whenever i walk in the room wearing my creepers, my boyfriend likes to repeatedly sing:

Regardless. I Love.

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