Sunday, 18 March 2012

Me in my Place with Jessica Hart

When Esquire presents 'Me in my Place' i always get really excited because they seem to often feature girls who inspire me...
There is something satisfying about having a sneak peak into someone's home, i think it says a lot about a person. For Jessica Hart it is definitely Downtown NY girl. 


  1. cute pics! xx

  2. Great pics

    I found your blog in the group on IFB and am now following you, please follow me too!

  3. love these pictures! :)

  4. how cute!
    seeing an 'at home' feature with jess is so much more refreshing than seeing pad after pad of wealthy fashionistas.
    it's not what i pictured her home to be decorated like, but at the same time, it is. especially with the bike and the quirky decorations.
    ps. i reluctantly posted a shot of my outfit on my blog for a few of you that requested to see. eek! it's so nerve-racking. i hope you like! x.

  5. ps. ahh! i'm so pleased that you loved my outfit. haha, phew! and way too funny that you have the same jumper. it really does go with everything and i get a few compliments when i do have it on. oh, how exciting!! i'm so looking forward to seeing some of your outfit posts. yay! so much easier when you have a photographer friend, you lucky duck! it feels good to have my first outfit post out of the way, although that perfectionist in me wants more. haha. yeah, as for jess hart's house, i was more picturing something like erin wasson's warehouse conversion. i was hoping for more of the house too, and not just shots of her standing infront of all of the decor. hmm, hot designers in australia right now... well, everyone is buzzing about ellery, dion lee, josh goot (they're my absolute favourites), bec & bridge, maurie & eve and lover, just to name a few right now. x.


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