Friday, 20 July 2012

Erin x One Teaspoon

Here is Erin's Campaign for One Teaspoon, an awesome Aussie brand that i will definitely be posting about soon. Can you believe that Miss Wasson is now 30 yrs old and still rocking shoots like this one? As you all know i am a huge fan of Erin, i got so excited when i saw these photos knocking around the blogsphere-I instantly uploaded them to my pinterest (which reminds me i should really dedicate a pin board just to her!)

 I am very glad to see her still fronting campaigns, it makes my love for the brand even stronger as she really does sell those clothes. All Hail Erin. 


  1. she's such a babe.
    ps. my-wardrobe sounds aaaamazing. it really does. i can't even imagine how much experience you'd be getting and the pretty clothes and friendly people. well done, lovely! i'd love to get the necklace for you, for sure. what colour were you thinking? i'm hoping to go into a sass & bide store this week- that way you don't have to pay extra for the shipping aswell. i'll let you know how i go and then we'll discuss paypal, etc. talk to you soon, honey. x.

    1. i can't remember if i have replied to you or not?
      but i would love a yellow one!
      Hows things getting on with your blog? and what are you up to this summer-although its not summer in AUS is it?
      anything interesting?
      Any new designers in australia i need to know about?


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