Sunday, 26 August 2012

It's A Short Thing

Four Rules for Wearing Shorts

As shorts come in so many different lengths, styles, fits, fabrics and sizes, when it comes to wearing
what is considered to be an essential garment in a summer wardrobe, practically anything goes.
Although this said, there are some rules when it comes to wearing shorts; rules that undoubtedly
enhance the look of the shorts and thus mean whoever is wearing them looks particularly great.

Rule One: Show those knees

The joints in our legs are arguably the sexiest, most tantalising and alluring part of the leg. To make the
most of this highly appealing part of the human body, always ensure that when you wear shorts you
expose your knees.

Of course, when wearing certain styles, such as high waisted shorts, hot pants or short shorts, the knees
as well as the majority of the thighs will be shown. Some longer styles of shorts, such as Bermuda shorts
or city shorts can have a tendency to fall below the knee and cover them up. Ideally, try to buck the
trend and aim for shorts that fall approximately 1 – 2 inches above the knee for an ultra sexy look!

Rule Two: Don’t go too short

Shorts that rise above the thighs and show a ‘cheeky’ amount of our behinds may be guaranteed to turn
heads, but for all the wrong reasons! Shorts, such as high waisted shorts and hot pants are designed to
be short and show almost the whole of the legs in a sophisticated manor, but baring too much flesh is
a fashion faux pas unlike any other, so make sure you get the length right. Try to pair your shorts with a
much less revealing top half for a more elegant finish.

Rule Three: Ditch the socks

Socks worn with shorts are the personification of the ‘Englishman abroad’ – but this is not something to
be proud of. To avoid looking like someone from a bygone era, keep your socks and your shorts well and
truly separate and opt for sexy sheer tights or bare flesh instead.

Rule Four: Wear the right shoes

Shorts have a knack of really emphasising what shoes we are wearing. There are some shorts that only
suit certain types of shoes, whilst other shorts are more versatile. For example, Bermuda shorts and
longer style shorts look great with flip flops, sandals and wedges, but when worn with a pair of stilettos
they can run the risk of beginning to take on a tacky edge.

Shorter shorts, on the other hand, such as hot pants and high waisted shorts, look great with most styles
of shoes, particularly if you have been blessed with a great pair of legs!


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