Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Menswear Mood

I think its about time that i stop neglecting my blog and give it some serious attention. I have some late posts that i will pop up from my recent ongoings and musings but for now the focus is on menswear, which i regularly turn to in need of inspiration for style. It begins with my obsession for trainers, predominantly referred to as a man's shoe but now a favourite of many women. Although most sportswear brands are producing a wider availability of smaller sizes, I have struggled in the past to find certain styles in my size, UK 5.5. It is usually the menswear styles that i fall into a deep obsession with and dream about until i own them...

Available in size EU 40+ 
Valentino £430 Mr Porter

Some great Menswear thats available right now...

Saint Laurent @ Mr Porter

 Floral Print Tee £55 @ Serge DeNimes

Champion Tipped Cycling Shirt £80 @ Bradley Wiggins for Fred Perry

Persol Wayfarer Sunglasses £205 @ ASOS

Kanye West for APC £70 @ APC

We are in a era where Menswear is booming... Yes the BFC started London Collections: Men, Yes JW Anderson sent men down the catwalk in skirts, yes Louboutin covered brogues in studs. Its all about identity and finding your inner-metrosexual (see below) boys.

Metrosexual is a neologism, derived from metropolitan and heterosexual, coined in 1994 describing a man (especially one living in an urbanpost-industrialcapitalist culture) who is especially meticulous about his grooming and appearance, typically spending a significant amount of time and money on shopping as part of this. The term is popularly thought to contrast heterosexuals who adopt fashions and lifestyles stereotypically associated with homosexuals, although, by the definition given by the originator, a metrosexual "might be officially gay, straight or bisexual." (Wiki, 2013)

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